Chapter Sisterhood

We promote sisterhood events throughout the year with a variety of fun events such as hikes, sleepovers, movie nights, weekly family dinners with the whole chapter, along with formal dances. Sisters are always welcome to suggest new ideas and we love to organize events to cater to our members’ interests. Regardless of those interests, we strive to develop and improve our members as informed and thoughtful members of Colgate. Throughout the year we have various training for our members including: Bystander Intervention, Safezone, Survivor Support, and Body Image training. Our chapter has also been picked to participate in our national’s AAUW Start Smart Senior Seminar, which educates members on how to successfully negotiate wages once they have graduated from Colgate.

Something unique to Tri Delta is our Body Image 3D program, which is a well-rounded approach to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. We strive to live by the phrase empowered women empower women, following our national words: Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Kind. Additionally, we welcome any person who identifies on the spectrum of womanhood in Tri Delta.

We have a strong and accomplished alumni network, including distinguished Tri Deltas such as broadcast journalist Katie Couric, Senator Elizabeth Dole, model Molly 10 Sims, “Today Show” host Hoda Kotb, US Olympic Gold medalist Meryl Davis, and former associate justice of the Washington Supreme Court Bobbe Bridge. One of our Gamma Sigma sisters, Maggie Dunne, was honored as one of Tri Delta's 2014 Women of Achievement!